Birth place : Nambur

Birth date : Karthikai Month, Krithika Star

He is originally named, Sri Varadarajar. He was called by Sri Nam Jeeyar to write down Sri Nam Jeeyar’s “Onbadhinayirappadi” work. Sri Varadarajar wrote it down and promised Sri Nam Jeeyar to be back with a final version. He tried to cross the Kaveri river and “olai chuvadi” (Manuscript) containing his work swept away in the river floods. Sri Varadarajar prayed Sri Peria Perumal and the Perumal himself came in his dreams and instructed him to write the work again. He rewrote the work again with Peria Perumal’s help and Nam jeeyar was so happy to see that, that he gave the title of “Nam Pillai” to Sri Varadarajan.


He is considered a great Sri Vaishnava scholar and a great bhaktha of Sri Rangam Peria Perumal. He also documented the twelve different types of “Bhagavatha Apacharams” (Sins committed towards Sri Vaishnavas).


His famous sishya is Sri Periya Vaachan Pillai, who gave the “Vyakyanam” (explanations) for the 4000 Divya Prabhandams. His another sishya is Sri Vadakku ThiruVeedhi Pillai, whose “Vyakyanam” for Thiruvaimozhi is very famous. These explanations included the daily discourses given by Sri Nam Pillai.



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